My work is based on light and color, rhythm, mathematical solutions, calculations, series etc.
My work has no emotion before, it is not a representation of something or someone in the neighborhood but is in itself.
The emotional value only exist by the audience afterwards.
I search for strings that  can be  visualized. Example:

-the word length of a book translated into braille, turned into values that I can count with and visualize the book. (Book Rhythm series) The litho appears chaotic but is entirely based on a series of numbers.

-The visualization of 81 Sudoku solutions in a lithograph, the lithographs also seems chaotic but every color and shape is determined by solving the puzzles! (Solution Series)

The ASCI- appearance of a series of color into RGB values, with those numbers I can count and build a grid for my lithographs etc. (Window and Grid Pattern Series)

I make my drafts for the Lithographs on the computer. I work in Illustrator so that I can use the vector output for my drawing machine (self-designed and constructed) that directly, computer controlled, draws or paints on a lithograph stone! The only lithograph-drawing machine worldwide!

I print on plastic paper, 200 grams, Yupo. The paper has a soft grain and was created for printing, it needs little ink. The colors on the plastic paper are very clear and direct. Another advantage is that the paper remains tight, even when it is moist and the Lithographs do not need to be covered with glass. All of my lithographs are printed by myself.
More of my work can be viewed at:

Hans Kleinsman.